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Victory Baptist Church

Your First Visit

If you haven't read the About VBC Today page, you may want to do so before reading this.

One of the first questions potential visitors have about a church is what they wear. Dress at VBC ranges from T-shirt and jeans to the traditional suits for gentlemen and dresses for ladies. Dress up or dress casual—we want you to be comfortable during your visit so you can focus on the message.

Directions to Victory are on our home page and include these links for Apple Maps and Google Maps mobile apps. When you arrive, park in any spot you wish—the only reserved parking is for the disabled.

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In the vestibule, you'll find missionary prayer cards, as well as walkers and other mobility assistance. The greeter will welcome you and direct you to wherever you wish to go or answer questions you may have. In the lobby, you can view a 1611 King James Bible on the table or pages from other historical Bibles on the walls. The restrooms are at the rear of the lobby and the water fountain is just down the hall from them.

If you arrive in time for Sunday School (10:00 am), everyone initially meets in the fellowship hall, to the left from the lobby. It's a short, weekly, whole-family gathering. After that, folks stay for the Adult class or depart for other classes.

If you arrive for the Sunday Worship Service (11:00 am), you'll turn right into the anteroom outside the sanctuary, where you can pick up a visitor's card and a church bulletin with order of hymns for the day. Most choose to wait here during a prayer in the sanctuary. There is no reserved seating in the sanctuary, so sit wherever you wish.

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The service begins with music, followed by announcements, the offering, and then the sermon. If you filled out a visitors card, you can drop it in the offering plate or wait and give it to the pastor at the end of the service. We don't expect visitors to give an offering unless led to do so by the Holy Spirit.

Your visit to Victory Baptist Church is very important to us. We want you to feel encouraged and challenged during your worship with us. We hope you enjoy your time at Victory and we pray God blesses you as a result.